Handyworks is a management solution designed for health practitioners. It's friendly, easy-to-use interface and user-friendly processes make it a positive addition to your practice.

Complimentary webinar on 12/16 'An Explosive Opportunity for Growth: The Stark and Stimulus Perfecta'.

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What we do?

With an integrated line of software products, business services, and strategic consulting, we help healthcare entities:

  • Succeed in providing high-level care
  • Optimize their revenue
  • Manage their information
  • Grow and thrive as a business
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Corporate level

  • Unlimited clinics
  • Unlimited doctors
  • Time tracking
  • Enhanced security



For big groups

  • 10 clinics
  • 10 doctors
  • Time tracking
  • Enhanced security



For individuals

  • 2 clinics
  • 2 doctors
  • Time tracking
  • Enhanced security
We also offer a Free Plan : 1 project, unlimited users, but no file sharing.